I make art to tell my life story, which began in 1941 in rural Minnesota. I was raised around farmland which proved in its quiet and reverie, to tell loud stories of a Midwest, American culture of its time. I took my artistic career to New York City where I resided and worked for over 30 years. Today as an 82 year old woman, I made another trek back to the Midwest to expand my work. Being back here has made me reflective of my roots, which I share in my newly completed Autobiographical Coat. Each patch encompasses a symbol from my past threaded into a London Stage curtain that opens and will close the conclusion of my life’s performance.

At this time in my life, I make art to have fun, and to take on other life cycles. Palm sized still life sculptures and hair net drawing installations take antique objects and combine forms to prelude modern meaning. I live with my work and watch it breathe. In living, I watch it take on new forms, evolve into different projects or combine with that around it.

My ultimate goal is to make socially relevant work conceived and expressed from a self, always mindful of the health of our planet.

Edited by Giovanna Lazzarini